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Category Archives: Crime Prevention

Quick links for the last couple of weeks


Oh dear, the automatic Twitter updates feature needs attention. Sigh. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been tweeting about: The most important tweet of the last two weeks was notification that Sage Pubs are offering FREE online access to their entire collection until October 15, 2010. Sage do this every year or so and it’s a great [...]

Research reports round-up


Some of the criminal justice-related reports that have caught my eye in the last few weeks: Communities Crime and Communities Review (UK, published 18 June, Cabinet Office): A major review examining how to better engage communities in the fight against crime and raise public confidence in the Criminal Justice System – link to pdf downloads. [...]

Policing 2(2): special edition on Crime Science


The latest issue of Policing (vol 2 no 2) is a special edition on Crime Science featuring in particular the work of the Jill Dando Institute at University College London . Contents include Ken Pease wondering How to Behave Like a Scientist? and articles on Mathematics, Physics, and Crime, Evolutionary Psychology and Fear of Crime, [...]

Seminar series from the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research


The Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research has announced an impressive series of seminars for January to March 2008. Seminars take place at the University of Glasgow and the University of Edinburgh. More details on the SCCJR website. 24 January – Ms Helen Baillot, Scottish Refugee Council: ‘Asylum in Scotland – a Human Rights [...]

Docuticker round up of criminal Justice-related reports


Round-up of reports featured on Docuticker in the last few weeks: More Men, More Crime: Evidence from China’s One-Child Policy (published by Institute for the Study of Labor December 2007): …This paper exploits two unique features of the Chinese experience: the change in the sex ratio was both large and mainly in response to the [...]

Reports round-up: stop and search, persistent criminals, death penalty, judges and drugs


Latest criminal justice-related reports via Docuticker Analysis of Racial Disparities in the New York Police Department’s Stop, Question, and Frisk Practices, published by RAND (full report and summary available via the link): In 2006, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) stopped a half-million pedestrians for suspected criminal involvement. Raw statistics for these encounters suggest [...]

Essays on social justice and criminal justice


The Centre for Crime and Justice Studies at Kings College London has published a set of essays based on contributions and papers from a two day conference held by the Centre earlier this year. This collection of essays from more than 20 researchers and academics highlights how the government has failed to tackle deep-rooted social [...]

New reports from the UK Home Office, November 2007


The UK Home Office has published several new reports in the last month. Five reports deal with different aspects of illicit drug use. Home Office Research Report 02 provides results on a Drug Interventions Programme (DIP): addressing drug use and offending through ‘Tough Choices’ (pdf). Home Office Research Report 03 reports on a Drug Treatment [...]

The Kitty Genovese murder and the social psychology of helping


The Kitty Genovese murder is well-known to every student of psychology: according to the story, 38 witnesses to Kitty’s murder failed to take any action to intervene or call the police. The shocking tale, which has “an iconic place in social psychology” prompted a series of studies on bystander apathy , starting with the most [...]

Lecture: Obstacles on the Road to Crime


The Jill Dando Institute of Crime Science at University College London is advertising a lecture on “Obstacles on the Road to Crime” by Professor Henk Elffers from the NSCR, Leiden, The Netherlands. The event will be held on Wednesday 24 October, 6.30pm – 7.30pm, in London. According to the website, “the talk will appeal to [...]