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Quick links for the last week


New issues: Law and Human Behavior 34(5) Recidivism risk, psychopathy, informants, quality of forensic examiners and more Criminal Justice Matters 81(1) Articles on pre-crime, masculinity & violence, probation, secure envts & more Psychology, Crime & Law 16(8) Articles on execution, prisoners, rape myths, child abuse, eyewitness testimony New research articles: Murder–suicide: A [...]

Quick links


Having neglected this blog somewhat in recent weeks I find myself now overwhelmed with interesting snippets from around the web and blogosphere. Here are just a few that caught my eye: The Eyewitness Reform Blog reports on a conviction “overturned for failure to “seriously consider” expert testimony on eyewitness factors”: “The court didn’t go as [...]

New issue: Psychology, Crime & Law 13(5)


The October 2007 issue of Psychology, Crime & Law 13(5) is now online. Follow the link to the publisher’s website for abstracts and access to full text articles. Sign up for personalised ToC alerts here . Contents include: Alcohol as drug of choice; Is drug-assisted rape a misnomer? – Miranda Horvath; Jennifer Brown Appropriate treatment [...]

Quick links


Quick links from around the web: Philosophy prof Eric Schwitzgebel posts on religious conviction and crime (his previous musing on religiosity and crime is here), drawing on a 2001 meta-analysis (which he charmingly describes as “a way of doing math instead of thinking”). Cognitive Daily’s Dave Munger comes to the defence of the meta analysis [...]

Latest issue of the RCMP Gazette now online


The latest issue of the RCMP’s Gazette (volume 69, issue 2) is online, featuring several stories on crimes against children, both offline and on the internet. Particular articles that caught my eye include an account of the psychological support given to officers involved in online paedophile investigations at the Surete de Quebec, an article by [...]

Just The Facts About Online Youth Victimization: Researchers Present the Facts and Debunk Myths


danah boyd from the University of California at Berkeley recently (11 May) posted a video of a 3 May panel discussion on children and the internet. Along with danah, the panel included David Finkelhor, Amanda Lenhart and Michele Ybarra. The panel moderator, Tim Lordan, explains: Today we have assembled the foremost experts on the issue [...]

News round-up


A few more items that caught my eye in the last couple of weeks: CORRUPTION: Find out what the Enron jurors thought about the case on NPR’s Morning Edition (26 May), INVESTIGATIONS: In an attempt to leverage the public in fighting crime, Boston City police are to send residents electronic crime alerts (Boston Globe, 2 [...]

News round-up, week ending 14 May 2006


Here’s a skip through the other news items that caught my eye over the last ten days or so. POLICING: The LAPD Chief William J. Bratton has launched the LAPD blog.  Bratton explains, in his welcoming message, that the blog is: [...] an interactive tool that we use to deliver real-time, unfiltered information.  [...] By [...]

New articles of forensic relevance in non-forensic psych journals


Sorry about the length – these have been building up a bit, but below the fold, articles on child abuse, intimate partner violence, juvenile victims and offenders, offender treatment and rehabilitation, terrorism, aggression and violence, rape, psychopathy, stalking and Tourette’s.

News round-up for week ending 23 April


In no particular order, here are the snippets of news that caught my eye this week: PRISONS: Does Eating Salmon Lower the Murder Rate? asks the New York Times (16 April). Most prisons are notorious for the quality of their cuisine (pretty poor) and the behavior of their residents (pretty violent). They are therefore ideal [...]