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Category Archives: Deception

Quick links for the last week


New issues: Law and Human Behavior 34(5) Recidivism risk, psychopathy, informants, quality of forensic examiners and more Criminal Justice Matters 81(1) Articles on pre-crime, masculinity & violence, probation, secure envts & more Psychology, Crime & Law 16(8) Articles on execution, prisoners, rape myths, child abuse, eyewitness testimony New research articles: Murder–suicide: A [...]

Quick links for the last couple of weeks


Oh dear, the automatic Twitter updates feature needs attention. Sigh. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been tweeting about: The most important tweet of the last two weeks was notification that Sage Pubs are offering FREE online access to their entire collection until October 15, 2010. Sage do this every year or so and it’s a great [...]

Deception blog round-up of recent research


I’ve neglected all the crimepsych blogs over the last few months (pressure of work and a doctorate to finish) but to make up for it, at least partially, I’ve published a round-up of all the interesting deception-related research from the last few months over on the Deception Blog. It’s in six parts (there’s a LOT [...]

Free access to Sage journals gives you a chance to read all about science and pseudoscience in policing


Once again Sage Journals is throwing its archive open – you can get free access to all Sage journals until 31 October if you register first. A great opportunity to stock up on articles in journals that you or your library don’t subscribe to. Can I, in particular, recommend you take a look at the [...]

New issue: Psychology, Crime & Law


The latest issue of Psychology, Crime & Law (Volume 14 Issue 3) is one of those issues where almost all the articles look tempting. Given my particular interest in deception I’ll be starting with Granhag and Hartwig’s intriguing offering on mind-reading and deception detection, but the articles on how TV affects legal decision making and [...]

Forthcoming conference on interviewing and deception


The 3rd International Conference on Investigative Interviewing will be held 16-18 June 2008 in Quebec, Canada. The theme is “The Search for the Truth”. According to the website: This conference is mainly addressed to: • investigators and civilian and police personnel from Québec, Canadian, and international police forces; • investigators from Quebec, Canadian, and international [...]

Applying fMRI to the question of guilt versus innocence – on TV and then in an academic journal…


A press release (2 Nov) heralds the publication of a new study by Professor Sean Spence from the University of Sheffield, who claims the research shows that fMRI “could be used alongside other factors to address questions of guilt versus innocence”. It’s an interesting study on two counts: one, it appears to be the first time [...]

The Law and Ethics of Brain Scanning – audio material online


Hat tip to Mind Hacks (25 June) for alterting us to the fact that the organisers of the conference on The Law and Ethics of Brain Scanning: Coming soon to a courtroom near you?, held in Arizona in April, have uploaded both the powerpoint presentations and MP3s of most of the lectures to the conference [...]

Articles of forensic interest in the latest issue of Applied Cognitive Psychology


Three articles of forensic interest in the July 2007 issue of Applied Cognitive Psychology (vol 21, no 5): Schema-driven information processing in judgements about rape by Barbara Krahé, Jennifer Temkin, Steffen Bieneck When vying reveals lying: the timed antagonistic response alethiometer by Aiden P. Gregg When accurate and inaccurate eyewitnesses look the same: a limitation [...]

New issue: Law and Human Behavior 31(3)


The June 2007 issue of Law and Human Behavior 31(3) is now online. Follow the link to the publisher’s website for abstracts and access to full text articles. Contents include: The Mitigating Effects of Suspicion on Post-Identification Feedback and on Retrospective Eyewitness Memory – Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Deah S. Lawson, Andrew H. Fairless, Ráchael A. [...]