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Category Archives: Child abuse

Quick links for the last week


New issues: Law and Human Behavior 34(5) Recidivism risk, psychopathy, informants, quality of forensic examiners and more Criminal Justice Matters 81(1) Articles on pre-crime, masculinity & violence, probation, secure envts & more Psychology, Crime & Law 16(8) Articles on execution, prisoners, rape myths, child abuse, eyewitness testimony New research articles: Murder–suicide: A [...]

Quick links for the last couple of weeks


Oh dear, the automatic Twitter updates feature needs attention. Sigh. Meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been tweeting about: The most important tweet of the last two weeks was notification that Sage Pubs are offering FREE online access to their entire collection until October 15, 2010. Sage do this every year or so and it’s a great [...]

Research reports round-up


Some of the criminal justice-related reports that have caught my eye in the last few weeks: Communities Crime and Communities Review (UK, published 18 June, Cabinet Office): A major review examining how to better engage communities in the fight against crime and raise public confidence in the Criminal Justice System – link to pdf downloads. [...]

Criminal Justice and Behavior: Special issue on child sexual abuse and the church


The May 2008 issue of Criminal Justice and Behavior (Volume 35, No 5) is a special issue on child sexual abuse, particularly timely in view of the Pope’s current visit to the USA. Abstracts can be accessed here, though you’ll need to pay or have a subscription to view the full articles. Here are the [...]

Docuticker round up of criminal Justice-related reports


Round-up of reports featured on Docuticker in the last few weeks: More Men, More Crime: Evidence from China’s One-Child Policy (published by Institute for the Study of Labor December 2007): …This paper exploits two unique features of the Chinese experience: the change in the sex ratio was both large and mainly in response to the [...]

Quick links – investigations, courtroom, punishment, profiling and more


Quick links from around the web and blogosphere: Investigations and courtroom : The Sunday Times (25 Nov) reports on a new facial morphing technique called EvoFIT “that transforms the Photofit faces of criminal suspects into animated caricatures up to seven times more likely to be recognised than standard likenesses”. The system was developed by UK [...]

Healthcare providers reported to be failing to spot abuse


A sad story in the Observer (11 Nov) reports that healthcare providers are ‘failing to spot child abuse’: Doctors and social workers are failing children who end up in hospital after abuse or neglect by their parents, a government-funded inquiry has found. Some are discharged from casualty departments and allowed to go home, despite suspicious [...]

New issue: Child Abuse and Neglect 31(8)


The August 2007 issue of Child Abuse and Neglect 31(8) is now online. Follow the link to the Science Direct website for abstracts and access to full text articles. Contents include: The promise and limitations of home visiting: Implementing effective programs – Deanna S. Gomby Impact of a statewide home visiting program to prevent child [...]

Talking to sex offenders


A few weeks ago PCN featured a journal article on talking to sex offenders. Now, courtesy of the BBC (30 Oct), news that the UK’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre has set up a behavioural analysis unit to better understand sex offenders. Psychologists are conducting interviews with imprisoned offenders. As the BBC story explains: [...]

Articles of forensic interest in the July issue of the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry


Some articles of forensic interest in the July 2007 issue of the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 77(3) . Follow the link for access to abstracts and full text articles. Posttraumatic Distress and Growth Among Wives of Prisoners of War: The Contribution of Husbands’ Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Wives’ Own Attachment – Rachel Dekel Tomorrow’s Players [...]