Just The Facts About Online Youth Victimization: Researchers Present the Facts and Debunk Myths


danah boyd from the University of California at Berkeley recently (11 May) posted a video of a 3 May panel discussion on children and the internet. Along with danah, the panel included David Finkelhor, Amanda Lenhart and Michele Ybarra. The panel moderator, Tim Lordan, explains:

Today we have assembled the foremost experts on the issue related to child online victimization or teen victimization in the country. […] These are […] the best researchers in the country [researching] how kids and teens go online and whether they’re having problems, whether it be exposed to inappropriate content or exposed to inappropriate contact, whether it be by adults or by their peers.

boyd comments:

I was very pleasantly shocked to find that all of us were completely on the same page and that most of the press coverage of Michele and David’s work has been terrible in representing the implications of their findings. […] You don’t have to listen to me but i’d strongly encourage you to listen to the other three. They do a fantastic job of presenting solid data that debunks the myths that the press has been propagating for quite some time. For example, David highlights that putting up real information online has no correlation to sexual predation.

You can watch the video and/or read the transcript [pdf] via boyd’s blog or via the Congressional Internet Caucus pages.

Hat tip to BoingBoing.

Photo credit: jko contreras, Creative Commons License