New issue: International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 30(3)


The May/June 2007 issue of the International Journal of Law and Psychiatry 30(3) is now online.

Follow the link to the Science Direct website for abstracts and access to full text articles.

Contents include:

  • Risk avoidance and missed opportunities in mental health reform: The case of Israel – Uri Aviram, Dalia Guy and Israel Sykes
  • The governance of human genetic research databases in mental health research – Jennifer Mc Fleming
  • Motives for maternal filicide: Results from a study with female forensic patients – Maya K. Krischer, Michael H. Stone, Kathrin Sevecke and Eckhard M. Steinmeyer
  • Roman concept of mental capacity to make end-of-life decisions – Danuta Mendelson
  • Accuracy of Eyewitness Identification is significantly associated with performance on a standardized test of face recognition – Charles A. Morgan III, Gary Hazlett, Madelon Baranoski, Anthony Doran, Steven Southwick and Elizabeth Loftus
  • Effects of prior knowledge and expert statement on belief in recovered memories: An international perspective – Israel Nachson, J. Don Read, Sheila M. Seelau, Felicity Goodyear-Smith, Brenda Lobb, Graham Davies, Joseph Glicksohn, Michal Lifschitz and Elizabeth Brimacombe
  • Responding to violence against women: Social science contributions to legal solutions – Sharon G. Portwood and Julia Finkel Heany
  • Legal outcomes of all suspected neonaticides in Finland 1980–2000 – Hanna Putkonen, Jutta Collander, Ghitta Weizmann-Henelius and Markku Eronen
  • A Tarasoff for Europe? A European Human Rights perspective on the duty to protect – Colin Gavaghan

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