New issue: Law and Human Behavior 31(3)


The June 2007 issue of Law and Human Behavior 31(3) is now online. Follow the link to the publisher’s website for abstracts and access to full text articles.

Contents include:

  • The Mitigating Effects of Suspicion on Post-Identification Feedback and on Retrospective Eyewitness Memory – Jeffrey S. Neuschatz, Deah S. Lawson, Andrew H. Fairless, Ráchael A. Powers, Joseph S. Neuschatz, Charles A. Goodsell, Michael P. Toglia
  • An Evaluation of Malingering Screens with Competency to Stand Trial Patients: A Known-Groups Comparison – Michael J. Vitacco, Richard Rogers, Jason Gabel, Janice Munizza
  • Race-Based Judgments, Race-Neutral Justifications: Experimental Examination of Peremptory Use and the Batson Challenge Procedure – Samuel R. Sommers, Michael I. Norton
  • Competence to Complete Psychiatric Advance Directives: Effects of Facilitated Decision Making – Eric B. Elbogen, Jeffrey W. Swanson, Paul S. Appelbaum, Marvin S. Swartz, Joelle Ferron, Richard A. Van Dorn, H. Ryan Wagner
  • The Comparison Question Test: Does It Work and If So How? – Heinz Offe, Susanne Offe
  • Incarceration and Recidivism among Sexual Offenders – Kevin L. Nunes, Philip Firestone, Audrey F. Wexler, Tamara L. Jensen, John M. Bradford

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  1. I have written a article on false confessions, that was published in the Voice, and in the Washington Defense Lawyers. I was wanting to know if you are interested in pubishing it on your website.
    Most Sincerely,
    Carrie Barrow

  2. Carrie, best to email me at webmaster = /AT= crimepsychblog = /DOT = com with a link to your article and I will consider it. Kind regards, Emma

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