New issue: Psychology, Crime & Law, 13(3)


Psychology, Crime & Law, 13(3), June 2007 , is now online. Follow the link to the publisher’s website for abstracts and access to full text articles.

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Contents include:

  • The education of jury members: Influences on the determinations of child witnesses – Crissa Sumner-Armstrong; Peter A. Newcombe
  • Vehicle-related crime and the gender gap – Claire Corbett
  • The features of a good offender treatment programme manual: A Delphi survey of experts – Anna McCulloch; Mary McMurran
  • The relationships between alcohol-aggression proneness, general alcohol expectancies, hazardous drinking, and alcohol-related violence in adult male prisoners – Mary McMurran
  • Stereotyping, congruence and presentation order: Interpretative biases in utilizing offender profiles – Benjamin C. Marshall; Laurence J. Alison
  • Are old witnesses always poorer witnesses? Identification accuracy, context reinstatement, own-age bias – Rachel A. Wilcock; Ray Bull; Aldert Vrij
  • Influences of accent and ethnic background on perceptions of eyewitness testimony – Lara Frumkin