New issue: Violence Against Women 13(7)


Violence Against Women 13(7) (July 2007) is now online. Follow the link to the publisher’s website for abstracts and access to full text articles.

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Contents include:

  • Risk Factors for Abusive Relationships: A Study of Vietnamese American Immigrant Women – Merry Morash, Hoan Bui, Yan Zhang, and Kristy Holtfreter
  • Silenced Voices and Structured Survival: Battered Women’s Help Seeking – Angela M. Moe
  • Exploring the Perceptions of Domestic Violence Service Providers in Rural Localities – Brenda J. Eastman, Shelia G. Bunch, A. Hamilton Williams, and Lena W. Carawan
  • The Factors Affecting Sexual Assaults Committed by Strangers and Acquaintances – Lynn M. Pazzani
  • Women Who Are Stalked: Questioning the Fear Standard – Noella A. Dietz and Patricia Yancey Martin