New issue: Aggression and Violent Behavior – special issue on Crime Classification and Offender Typologies


The Sept-Oct 2007 issue of Aggression and Violent Behavior 12(5) is a special issue on Crime Classification and Offender Typologies.

Follow the link to the publisher’s website for abstracts and access to full text articles.

Contents include:

  • New directions in offender typology design, development, and implementation: Can we balance risk, treatment and control? – James M. Byrne and Albert R. Roberts
  • Recidivism among four types of homicide offenders: An exploratory analysis of 336 homicide offenders in New Jersey – Albert R. Roberts, Kristen M. Zgoba and Shahid M. Shahidullah
  • Can we profile sex offenders? A review of sex offender typologies – Gina Robertiello and Karen J. Terry
  • Battered women versus male batterer typologies: Same or different based on evidence-based studies? – Kimberly Bender and Albert R. Roberts
  • In search of the “Tossed Salad Man” (and others involved in prison violence): New strategies for predicting and controlling violence in prison – James Byrne and Don Hummer
  • Mental illness and violence: A brief review of research and assessment strategies – Andrew Harris and Arthur J. Lurigio
  • Examining the link between institutional and community violence: Toward a new cultural paradigm – James M. Byrne and Jacob Stowell
  • Displaced, dispossessed, or lawless? Examining the link between ethnicity, immigration, and violence – Jacob I. Stowell and Ramiro Martinez Jr.
  • Sex offenders of the elderly: Classification by motive, typology, and predictors of severity of crime – Ann Wolbert Burgess, Michael Lamport Commons, Mark E. Safarik, Ruthann Rockwell Looper and Sara Nora Ross
  • When murder is not enough: Toward a new definition of community violence – Melanie-Angela Neuilly