New issue: Behavioral Sciences & the Law 25(5)


Behavioral Sciences & the Law 25(5), Sept/Oct 2007 is now online and includes a special section on Elder Issues edited by John Petrila. Follow the link to the publisher’s website for abstracts and access to full text articles.

Contents include:

  • Short-term involuntary examination of older adults in Florida – Annette Christy, Jennifer Bond, M. Scott Young
  • Elderly homicide in Chicago: a research note – Seena Fazel, Mieko Bond, Gautam Gulati, Ian O’Donnell
  • The relationship between guardian certification requirements and guardian sanctioning: a research issue in elder law and policy – Winsor C. Schmidt, Fevzi Akinci, Sarah A. Wagner
  • A comparative study of laws, rules, codes and other influences on nursing homes’ disaster preparedness in the Gulf Coast states – Lisa M. Brown, Kathryn Hyer, LuMarie Polivka-West
  • Elders in the justice system: how the system treats elders in trials, during imprisonment, and on death row – L. Beth Gaydon, Monica K. Miller
  • Elder research: filling an important gap in psychology and law – Eve M. Brank
  • Levels of psychopathy and its correlates: a study of incarcerated youths in three states – Richard Dembo, Nancy Jainchill, Charles Turner, Chunki Fong, Sarah Farkas, Kristina Childs
  • Predictive validity of the Dutch PCL:YV for institutional disruptive behavior: findings from two samples of male adolescents in a juvenile justice treatment institution – Jacqueline Das, Corine de Ruiter, Henny Lodewijks, Theo Doreleijers