New issues: Journal of Family Violence


The latest four issues of Journal of Family Violence (Volume 22 Numbers 5, 6, 7 and 8 ) are online via the Springer website. Follow the link for abstracts and access to full text articles.

Tables of contents below the fold.

Journal of Family Violence 22(5) includes:

  • Personal History Dynamics of Dating Violence Among Israeli Students – Ruhama Goussinsky, Dalit Yassour-Borochowitz
  • Racial Differences in Battered Women’s Experiences and Preferences for Treatment from Physicians – L. Kevin Hamberger, Bruce Ambuel, Clare E. Guse
  • Posttraumatic Stress Disorder and Depression in Battered Women: The Mediating Role of Learned Helplessness – Neta Bargai, Gershon Ben-Shakhar, Arieh Y. Shalev
  • Role of Culture and Context: Ethical Issues in Research with Asian Americans and Immigrants in Intimate Violence – Alice G. Yick
  • Filicide: A Comparison by Sex and Presence or Absence of Self-destructive Behavior – Suzanne Léveillée, Jacques D. Marleau, Myriam Dubé
  • Variations in Behavior Problems of Preschoolers Exposed to Domestic Violence: The Role of Mothers’ Attunement to Children’s Emotional Experiences – Vanessa K. Johnson, Alicia F. Lieberman
  • What Happens to Children When Their Mothers Are Battered? Results from a Four City Anonymous Telephone Survey – Lyungai F. Mbilinyi, Jeffrey L. Edleson, Annelies K. Hagemeister, Sandra K. Beeman
  • Assessing Readiness to Change among Perpetrators of Intimate Partner Violence: Analysis of Two Self-report Measures – Christopher I. Eckhardt, Angela C. Utschig

Journal of Family Violence 22(6) includes:

  • Domestic Violence and Children’s Presence: A Population-based Study of Law Enforcement Surveillance of Domestic Violence – John W. Fantuzzo, Rachel A. Fusco, Wanda K. Mohr, Marlo A. Perry
  • College Women and Sexual Assault: The Role of Sex-related Alcohol Expectancies – Brenda J. Benson, Carol L. Gohm, Alan M. Gross
  • An Examination of the Outcomes of Various Components of a Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence by Male Offenders – Jeffrey A. Bouffard, Lisa R. Mufti?
  • Dating Violence Victimization, Relationship Satisfaction, Mental Health Problems, and Acceptability of Violence: A Comparison of Men and Women – Shelby A. Kaura, Brenda J. Lohman
  • Establishing a Relationship Between Behavior and Cognition: Violence Against Women and Children within the Family – Claire Chamberland, Andrée Fortin, Lise Laporte
  • Dual Arrest and Other Unintended Consequences of Mandatory Arrest in New York City: A Brief Report – Victoria Frye, Mary Haviland, Valli Rajah
  • Children’s Expectations Of Parent–Child Communication Following Interparental Conflict: Do Parents Talk to Children About Conflict? – Amy M. Brown, Monica M. Fitzgerald, Kimberly Shipman, Renee Schneider
  • The Dynamics of Staying and Leaving: Implications for Battered Women’s Emotional Well-Being and Experiences of Violence at the End of a Year – Margret E. Bell, Lisa A. Goodman, Mary Ann Dutton
  • Intimate Partner Violence Victims’ Accuracy in Assessing their Risk of Re-abuse – Lauren Bennett Cattaneo, Margret E. Bell, Lisa A. Goodman, Mary Ann Dutton
  • A Domestic Violence Course For Medical Students: A Study on Its Effectiveness – Akca Toprak Ergonen, Serpil Salacin, Sevgi Karademir, Yucel Gursel, Berna Musal
  • A Descriptive Model of the Hunting Process of Serial Sex Offenders: A Rational Choice Perspective – Eric Beauregard, D. Kim Rossmo, Jean Proulx
  • Are Shelter Workers Burned Out?: An Examination of Stress, Social Support, and Coping – Lisa M. Baker, Karen M. O’Brien, Nazish M. Salahuddin
  • Alcohol Consumption and Females’ Recognition in Response to Date Rape Risk: The Role of Sex-Related Alcohol Expectancies – Jennifer E. Pumphrey-Gordon, Alan M. Gross
  • Clinically Significant Trauma Symptoms and Behavioral Problems in a Community-based Sample of Children Exposed to Domestic Violence – James C. Spilsbury, Lara Belliston, Dennis Drotar, Allyson Drinkard, Jeff Kretschmar, Rosemary Creeden, Daniel J. Flannery, Steve Friedman

Journal of Family Violence 22(7) includes:

  • A Family Affair: The Juvenile Court and Family Violence Cases – Erika Gebo
  • Langauge and Violence: Analysis of Four Discursive Operations – Linda Coates, Allan Wade
  • Characteristics of Domestic Violence Offenders: Associations with Childhood Exposure to Violence – Amy R. Murrell, Karen A. Christoff, Kris R. Henning
  • The Relationship of Acculturation and Social Integration to Assaults on Intimate Partners Among Mexican American and Non-Mexican White Students – Ignacio Luis Ramirez
  • Children’s Direct Exposure to Types of Domestic Violence Crime: A Population-based Investigation – John W. Fantuzzo, Rachel A. Fusco
  • Examining the Overlap and Prediction of Multiple Forms of Child Maltreatment, Stressors, and Socioeconomic Status: A Longitudinal Analysis of Youth Outcomes – Todd I. Herrenkohl, Roy C. Herrenkohl
  • Child–Parent Violence: An Empirical Analysis of Offender, Victim, and Event Characteristics in a National Sample of Reported Incidents – Jeffrey A. Walsh, Jessie L. Krienert
  • Comparing Three Measures of Psychological Aggression: Psychometric Properties and Differentiation from Negative Communication – Eunyoe Ro, Erika Lawrence
  • Spouse Abuse and Child Abuse by Army Soldiers – Sandra L. Martin, Deborah A. Gibbs, Ruby E. Johnson, E. Danielle Rentz, Monique Clinton-Sherrod, Jennifer Hardison
  • Positive Resolution of Childhood Sexual Abuse Experiences: The Role of Coping, Benefit-Finding and Meaning-Making – Margaret O’Dougherty Wright, Emily Crawford, Katherine Sebastian
  • Intimate Partner Violence During Pregnancy and 1-Year Post-Partum – Pajarita Charles, Krista M. Perreira
  • Coparenting Conflict and Parenting Behavior in Economically Disadvantaged Single Parent African American Families: The Role of Maternal Psychological Distress – Shannon Dorsey, Rex Forehand, Gene Brody
  • Examining the Behavior of a System: An Outcome Evaluation of a Coordinated Community Response to Domestic Violence – Laura F. Salazar, James G. Emshoff, Charlene K. Baker, Terrence Crowley

Journal of Family Violence 22(8) includes:

  • The Prevalence of Domestic Violence Among Pregnant Women Who Were Attended in Iran University of Medical Science Hospitals – Shayesteh Jahanfar, Zahra Malekzadegan
  • Mothering and Domestic Violence: A Longitudinal Analysis – N. L. Letourneau, C. B. Fedick, J. D. Willms
  • Factors Associated with Co-occurrence of Spousal and Parental Violence: Quebec Population Study – Sylvie Lévesque, Marie-Éve Clément, Claire Chamberland
  • The Co-occurrence of Child and Intimate Partner Maltreatment in the Family: Characteristics of the Violent Perpetrators – Louise Dixon, Catherine Hamilton-Giachritsis, Kevin Browne, Eugene Ostapuik
  • Co-Occurrence of Interparental Violence and Child Physical Abuse and It’s Effect on the Adolescents’ Behavior – Chantal Bourassa
  • Test–Retest Reliability of the Revised Conflict Tactics Scales (CTS2) – Edward M. Vega, K. Daniel O’Leary
  • Intimate Partner Violence and Psychological Health in a Sample of Asian and Caucasian Women: The Roles of Social Support and Coping – Joohee Lee, Elizabeth C. Pomeroy, Tom M. Bohman
  • Characteristics Differentiating Neglected Children from Other Reported Children – Micheline Mayer, Chantal Lavergne, Marc Tourigny, John Wright
  • Attributions in a Hypothetical Child Sexual Abuse Case: Roles of Abuse Type, Family Response and Respondent Gender – Lisa Graham, Paul Rogers, Michelle Davies
  • External Barriers to Help Seeking for Older Women Who Experience Intimate Partner Violence – Richard L. Beaulaurier, Laura R. Seff, Frederick L. Newman, Burton Dunlop
  • College Student Evaluations of Parent–Child Disciplinary Situations – Boun Smith, Glen E. Ray, Tres Stefurak, Peter A. Zachar