New issue: Child Abuse and Neglect 31(8)


The August 2007 issue of Child Abuse and Neglect 31(8) is now online. Follow the link to the Science Direct website for abstracts and access to full text articles.

Contents include:

  • The promise and limitations of home visiting: Implementing effective programs – Deanna S. Gomby
  • Impact of a statewide home visiting program to prevent child abuse – Anne Duggan, Debra Caldera, Kira Rodriguez, Lori Burrell, Charles Rohde and Sarah Shea Crowne
  • Impact of a statewide home visiting program on parenting and on child health and development – Debra Caldera, Lori Burrell, Kira Rodriguez, Sarah Shea Crowne, Charles Rohde and Anne Duggan
  • Psychometric evaluation and comparison of three retrospective, multi-item measures of childhood sexual abuse – Polly A. Hulme
  • Female sexual-offenders: Personality pathology as a mediator of the relationship between childhood sexual abuse history and sexual abuse perpetration against others – Kelly Christopher, Catherine J. Lutz-Zois and Amanda R. Reinhardt
  • Non-abused preschool children’s perception of an anogenital examination – Kari Gulla, Gred Eva Fenheim, Arne K. Myhre and Stian Lydersen
  • Cognitive processes associated with child neglect – Kathryn Hildyard and David Wolfe
  • Reliability of the GAF and CGAS with children exposed to trauma – Katherine Blake, Scott Cangelosi, Sonja Johnson-Brooks and Harolyn M.E. Belcher