Exploring homicide in an international context

Sage Publications has made the latest issue of Homicide Studies freely available for a limited time. It’s a special issue on homicide in an international context. The press release explains:

From cross-national to country-specific empirical analyses and exploratory studies, the special issue, guest edited by Indiana University’s William Alex Pridemore, examines homicide from diverse global, gender, age, and cultural directions, looking at such wide-ranging concepts as:

  • The association between alcohol consumption and homicide rates in Europe
  • How economic inequality affects homicide rates in 14 developed democracies
  • Cross-national infanticide
  • Homicide in Finland (which has a higher rate than most European countries)
  • Neighborhood-levels factors associated with homicide in the Netherlands
  • The fall of communism and how it affected homicide rates
  • Explanations of the difference in homicide clearance rates in Japan and the United States
  • Japan’s drop in homicides following World War II

Access the articles via the Sage website here.