Twitter Updates for 2010-08-01

  • New issue: Contemporary Justice Review: Issues in Criminal, Social, and Restorative Justice, Volume 13 Issue 3 2010 #
  • The Cultural Dynamics of Copycat Suicide by Alex Mesoudi, free access at PLoS1. #
  • New Journal issue: Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, Volume 17 Issue 3 #
  • New journal issue: Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, Volume 21 Issue 4 #
  • Research from Chicago: "unstructured socializing" by teens increases likelihood of violent behavior #
  • New research: "Why don't we believe non-native speakers? The influence of accent on credibility" J. Exp Soc Psy #
  • New research: "Anger as a cue to truthfulness" Truth-tellers accused of wrongdoing show more anger than liars, but… #

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