Twitter Updates for 2010-08-07

  • How CSI Went Awry. From National Academies, a video about the National Research Council (NRC) report on forensic science #
  • New on SSRN: Lineups and Eyewitness Identification (from Ann Rev Law & Soc Sci 2009) via Neuroethics & Law Blog #
  • Violent Video Games as a Learning Tool? (Yes, but…) from @BrainBlogger #
  • New research: Rethinking intractable conflict. American Psychologist 65(4). @BrainBlogger discusses: #
  • New issue: Journal of Experimental Criminology 6(3). Deviancy training, RCTs, families, victimisation, recidivism. #
  • New research: FREE article in J. Exp Criminology 6(3) Community service better than imprisonment to reduce recidivism. #

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