Twitter Updates for 2010-08-15

  • New article in press: If Brain Scans Really Detected Deception, Who Would Volunteer to be Scanned? J Forensic Sci #
  • New issue: Child Abuse & Neglect 34(8) filicide, cyberpedocriminality, interviewing, CSA, and more #
  • New issue: J.Quant Criminology 26(3). sit-person interactn, conviction inheritance, stats, recidivism. 2 free articles. #
  • New issue: Law & Human Behavior 34(4) Risk assessment, eyewitnesses, legal attitudes, juries, mentally ill inmates. #
  • New issue: J. Criminal Justice 38(4). 500 page bumper issue with plenty of interest. #
  • Lunar cycles influence crime? Research says not: Yet more evidence in new article (J Crim Justice) #
  • New research: "Police Academy Socialization…in a Paramilitary-Bureaucratic Organization" in J Contemp Ethnography 39(2) #

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