Twitter Updates for 2010-08-19

  • RT@DrPetra Entire APCO 'Project Acumen' report on UK sex trafficking here (Warning link takes you directly to PDF) #
  • RT @TheJuryExpert Grime & Punishment: How Disgust Influences Moral, Social & Legal judgments (applied to courtroom) #
  • New issue: Behavioral Sciences & Law 28(4). Special issue on families, divorce, custody and parenting #
  • New research: Routine Online Activity & Internet Fraud Targeting in J.Research in Crime & Delinquency 47(3) #
  • Important (rare) study on polygraph w/ UK sex offenders: leads to more admissions; case mgrs perceive increased risk #
  • And a new Canadian study on why sex offenders confess during police interrogation (no polygraph) #

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