Favourite Posts

Some of my favourites from PCN..

A personal construct theory approach to understanding extreme violence (13 June)

Revisiting the Stanford Prison Experiment (3 May 07)

Jurors biased in sentencing decisions by the attractiveness of the defendant (3 Apr 07)

Replicating the Milgram Experiment (30 Dec 06)

Psychology of school shootings (6 Oct 06)

What is a psychologist’s role in interrogation of detainees? (6 Aug 06)

The Effects of Video Game Violence on Physiological Desensitization to Real-Life Violence (31 July 06)

At last we know what sort of leader starts wars… don’t we? (25 Jun 06)

Do brain exercises improve the behaviour of criminals? (6 Jun 06)

British ‘replication’ of the Stanford Prison Experiment – new publications (26 Mar 06)

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