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ToC: Violence Against Women, 10(10)

Violence Against Women, 10(10),October 1 2004 Melissa Farley
“Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart”: Prostitution Harms Women Even if Legalized or Decriminalized
Esohe Aghatise
Trafficking for Prostitution in Italy: Possible Effects of Government Proposals for Legalization of Brothels
Janice G. Raymond
Prostitution on Demand: Legalizing the Buyers as Sexual Consumers
Gunilla Ekberg
The Swedish Law that Prohibits the Purchase of Sexual Services: Best Practices for Prevention of Prostitution and Trafficking in Human Beings

ToC: Journal of Quantitative Criminology 20(3)

Journal of Quantitative Criminology 20(3), September 2004

Extending the General Theory of Crime to ???The East:??? Low Self-Control in
Japanese Late Adolescents
Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Janice E. Clifford Wittekind, Lara M. Belliston,
Timothy D. Van Loh

Revolving Roles in Drug-Related Crime: The Cost of Chronic Drug Users as
Victims and Perpetrators
Michael T. French, Kathryn E. McCollister, Pierre K??breau Alexandre, Dale D.
Chitwood, Clyde B. McCoy

Using Dasymetric Mapping for Spatially Aggregated Crime Data
Erika Kennedy, Leslie W. Kennedy

Strain and Opportunity Structures
John P. Hoffmann, Timothy O. Ireland