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ToC: Law and Human Behavior 28(4)

Law and Human Behavior 28(4),August 2004
Reliability of Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment Criteria in Florida
Jill S. Levenson

When Does Evidence of Eyewitness Confidence Inflation Affect Judgments in a Criminal Trial?
Amy Bradfield, Dawn E. McQuiston

Firing Back at the Backfire Effect: The Influence of Mortality Salience and Nullification Beliefs on Reactions to Inadmissible Evidence
Alison Cook, Jamie Arndt, Joel D. Lieberman

Children’s Lie-Telling to Conceal a Parent’s Transgression: Legal Implications
Victoria Talwar, Kang Lee, Nicholas Bala, R. C. L. Lindsay

Assessing the Risk of Domestic Violence Reoffending: A Validation Study
Kirk R. Williams, Amy Barry Houghton

A Review and Critique of the Sexual Experiences Questionnaire (SEQ)
Barbara A. Gutek, Ryan O. Murphy, Bambi Douma

ToC: Probation Journal 51(3)

Probation Journal, Volume 51, No. 3, Sept 2004
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Hindpal Singh Bhui and Julian Buchanan
‘What Works?’ and Complex Individuality

Jackie King
Societal Security, Refugees and Criminology: Discourses in Tandem

Kathryn Farrow
Still Committed After All These Years? Morale in the Modern-Day Probation

Shadd Maruna, Louise Porter, and Irene Carvalho
The Liverpool Desistance Study and Probation Practice: Opening the Dialogue

Emma Cluley
Applying the Findings of the Liverpool Desistance Study in Probation
Practice: Views from the Front-Line 1

David Court
Applying the Findings of the Liverpool Desistance Study in Probation
Practice: Views from the Front-Line 2

Fergus McNeill
Supporting Desistance in Probation Practice: A Response to Maruna, Porter
and Carvalho

David Atkinson
The What Works Debate: Keeping a Human Perspect

ToC: Journal of Child Sexual Abuse 13(2)

Journal of Child Sexual Abuse 13(2)

Remembering and Forgetting Childhood Sexual Abuse
Robyn Fivush, Valerie J Edwards
Characteristics of Child Sexual Abuse Cases Referred for Psychological Services in Hong Kong: A Comparison Between Multiple Incident Versus Single Incident Cases
Ellen Yee-man Ma, Delphine Cheuk-wai Yau, Wun-wai Ng, Sau-lan Tong

Sexually Violent Predators and Civil Commitment Laws
Wanda D Beyer Kendall, Monit Cheung

Treatment Outcome Research with the Non-Offending Parents of Sexually Abused Children: A Critical Review
Jacqueline Corcoran

Sexual Trauma, Spirituality, and Psychopathology
Mark J Krejci, Kevin M Thompson, Heather Simonich, Ross D Crosby, Mary Ann Donaldson, Stephen A Wonderlich, James E Mitchelle

A Spiritual Framework in Incest Survivors Treatment
Kelli Beveridge, Monit Cheung

ToC: Journal of Criminal Justice 32(5)

Journal of Criminal Justice 32(5), Sept/Oct 04

Disappearing act: The representation of corporate crime research in criminological literature
Michael J. Lynch, Danielle McGurrin and Melissa Fenwick
Sociodemographic factors, drug abuse, and other crimes: How they vary among male and female arrestees
Celia C. Lo
Binge drinking and negative alcohol-related behaviors: A test of self-control theory
Chris Gibson, Christopher J. Schreck and J. Mitchell Miller
Road aggression among drinking drivers: Alcohol and non-alcohol effects on aggressive driving and road rage
Jiang Yu, Peggy Chin Evans and Lucia Perfetti
Victims of crime in the criminal justice system in Barbados
Farley Brathwaite and David Achanfuo Yeboah
Sex differences in the likelihood of arrest
Lisa Stolzenberg and Stewart J. D’Alessio
Sex offender notification and fear of victimization
Victoria Simpson Beck and Lawrence F. Travis, III
Paying for the crimes of their children: Public support of parental responsibility
Eve M. Brank and Victoria Weisz
Assessing law enforcement preparedness to address Internet fraud
Ronald G. Burns, Keith H. Whitworth and Carol Y. Thompson

ToC: Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 2(4)

Youth Violence and Juvenile Justice 2(4)
Timothy Brezina, Robert Agnew, Francis T. Cullen, and John Paul Wright
The Code of the Street: A Quantitative Assessment of Elijah Anderson??s Subculture of Violence Thesis and Its Contribution to Youth Violence Research
Ana M. Abrantes, Norman G. Hoffmann, Ronald P. Anton, and Todd W. Estroff
Identifying Co-Occurring Disorders in Juvenile Justice Populations
Rick Ruddell and G. Larry Mays
Risky Behavior, Juveniles, Guns, and Unintentional Firearms Fatalities
Lauren Eisler and Bernard Schissel
Privation and Vulnerability to Victimization for Canadian Youth: The Contexts of Gender, Race, and Geography
Sesha Kethineni
Youth-on-Parent Violence in a Central Illinois County

ToC: Violence Against Women, 10(10)

Violence Against Women, 10(10),October 1 2004 Melissa Farley
“Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart”: Prostitution Harms Women Even if Legalized or Decriminalized
Esohe Aghatise
Trafficking for Prostitution in Italy: Possible Effects of Government Proposals for Legalization of Brothels
Janice G. Raymond
Prostitution on Demand: Legalizing the Buyers as Sexual Consumers
Gunilla Ekberg
The Swedish Law that Prohibits the Purchase of Sexual Services: Best Practices for Prevention of Prostitution and Trafficking in Human Beings

ToC: Journal of Quantitative Criminology 20(3)

Journal of Quantitative Criminology 20(3), September 2004

Extending the General Theory of Crime to ???The East:??? Low Self-Control in
Japanese Late Adolescents
Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Janice E. Clifford Wittekind, Lara M. Belliston,
Timothy D. Van Loh

Revolving Roles in Drug-Related Crime: The Cost of Chronic Drug Users as
Victims and Perpetrators
Michael T. French, Kathryn E. McCollister, Pierre K??breau Alexandre, Dale D.
Chitwood, Clyde B. McCoy

Using Dasymetric Mapping for Spatially Aggregated Crime Data
Erika Kennedy, Leslie W. Kennedy

Strain and Opportunity Structures
John P. Hoffmann, Timothy O. Ireland