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Retracing Crimes in the world’s killing fields

Retracing Crimes in the World’s Killing Fields
National Public Radio, Aug. 7, 2004

Genocide is a key part of forensic anthropologist Clea Koff’s profession. She’s investigated mass graves in Rwanda, Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo. NPR’s Scott Simon asks her about her experiences as outlined in her new book, The Bone Woman. (Random House)

Bone Woman: Among the Dead in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Croatia Clea Koff

[Thank you to Ian Pitchford’s Evolutionary Psychology group for highlighting this link:]

Characteristics of Chinese Human Smugglers

Characteristics of Chinese Human Smugglers
National Institute of Justice, August 2004
This NIJ Research in Brief presents findings of a study that uncovered the inner workings of Chinese human smuggling organizations by going right to the source-smugglers themselves. Researchers found that most human smugglers are ordinary citizens whose social networks provide the necessary connections and resources to profit from human trade. Enforcement efforts need to consider the unique organization of smuggling enterprises and how smugglers are perceived by themselves and their clients.